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chiropractor in blackheathOne of our five highly qualified Chiropractors, Sophie Gremion-Garrone, graduated from the Institute Franco-Europeen de Chiropractique, Paris with a Doctorate in 1990. After University, Sophie worked in private practice until 1998 before joining her husband in London, where she concentrated on raising their two daughters and worked for Greenwich Council, providing Chiropractic care for their members of staff.
Sophie has over 24 years Chiropractic experience and uses the latest technology and treatments suitable for all age groups. She takes time to listen to her patients and to really understand their needs, plus Sophie has the ability to engage and empathise, a key reason why Sophie’s client base is built solely on recommendation. Her treatment techniques alleviate the following symptoms:

Back and Lower Back pain, Headaches and Migraines, Neck pain, Shoulder and Arm problems, Whiplash, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Rounded Shoulders, Sports Injuries

Back pain during pregnancy?

sophie 2Being a mother has given Sophie a particular interest in the care of pregnant women and pediatric Chiropractic care. She took further studies in pediatrics, which complements her expertise of the Chiropractic treatment of pregnant women and children. She uses gentle but effective techniques, with no manipulation, using a very precise piece of equipment known as an activator, alongside other adjusting methods such as SOT.

Sophie understands that if a patient has a misalignment in the spine, sacrum or pelvis, very often relating to poor posture or a chronic back problem, the resulting distortion can create a twist in the muscular basket. This in turn can cause pain and lead to a more difficult birth. Chiropractors aim to correct these distortions of the abdominal muscles by balancing the pelvis, sacrum and spine using gentle techniques – trigger points, stretching and increasing tonus by inducted or active exercise. These techniques are very safe for both the mother and baby.

Chiropractic benefits during pregnancy

Pregnancy chiropractorChiropractic treatments can be safely carried out through all trimesters of pregnancy, until the day of delivery. As the pregnancy progresses, there will be an increase in circulating hormones which cause significant muscle and ligamentous relaxation. This is why one of a number of adjusting techniques, provides maximum comfort and safety for mother and baby. The frequency of care varies from one mother to another, but for a non-complicated pregnancy, chiropractic treatments will range from once a week to once a month depending on the stage of the pregnancy and the symptomatology. Sophie knows that Chiropractic treatments can overcome many of the challenges associated with pregnancy, can optimise well-being and allow mothers to enjoy a very special time in their life.

Clinical studies have shown that during a normal pregnancy, chiropractic treatments will enable pregnant women to carry out low impact activities such as swimming, walking and stretching exercises. Findings, backed up by studies in America, have shown that Chiropractic care during pregnancy allows the mother to be more active during all trimesters, the need for analgesics and period of labour is reduced and the delivery is less painful. Regular referrals are made from General Practitioners and nurses, who are notified of their patient’s progress throughout the Chiropractic treatments.

Customer feedback

chiropractor in blackheathIn 1998 I was injured and lost my job in the Police Service with a spinal injury, as a result of a being assaulted on duty. I was told by the Chief Surgeon for Metropolitan Police that my injury would get worse with age. The pain did get so bad I went to Sophie at the Chiropractic clinic about 18 months ago and she would relieve the pain from the pressure on my spine and I would feel better for a few weeks. In fact I went every month for corrective treatment to my spine. During this treatment Sophie suggested I get a up to date x-ray of my spine, which was done at her clinic. It transpired that my spinal injury had made me walk differently and as a result my left hip had worn out. I am shortly going to have a new left hip operation and I am convinced and so is Sophie that this will give me a better quality of life with less pain. I would never have come to this conclusion without the help of Sophie and her Chiropractic sessions. To conclude I am indebted to this very pleasant and understanding lady who has helped give me a better quality of life, in fact as a result my wife and both my sons now attend for regular spinal checks with the clinic.” – Paul

“Some years ago serious neck and back problems were causing terrible pain, I was unable to work and normal life was impossible. A friend recommended chiropractic treatment and after a while the problems were resolved. Now just periodic treatments keep me virtually pain free and have given me my life back…. I am eternally grateful to Sophie and for that recommendation” – Jackie

“Sophie Garrone is an excellent chiropractor, very understanding and a good listener. The Chiropractic Health Centre is an excellent place to go.” – Florentina

I have been going to see Sophie for several years, when I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis of the hip and spine I was still more than happy for her to treat my back. She has a very gentle and sensitive approach. For some time I have been on “maintenance” (an appointment every 3 months) and she keeps my spine aligned. She has also suggested an easy remedy which I have adopted for a troublesome hip, this too, is effective. I feel I have a great deal to be grateful to Sophie for!” – Rita

If you have back problems or require treatment during pregnancy, please contact Sophie on 020 8463 0607 / 01689 889492. Alternatively, you can email us via the contact us page.

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